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                An Introduction to Senior High School

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                Wudalianchi Senior High school was built in 1978, it covers 63000 square meters, the teach building covers 10558 square meters, the mess hall and dormitory cover 8173 square meters, it built normal musical, gymnastic, artistic and discipline laboratories, normal playground, multi-media classroom, complete modern network infrastructures, achieved the target of share with the teaching resources. There are 29 classes, 1700 students, 152 teachers and workers. Among them, 121 have the authorized sizes, 7 persons were engaged from other places, 2 probationary college students, 4 security personnel, 18 temporary workers. 2 teachers had Master’s degree, 37 teachers had gotten senior academic title, 24 teachers had gotten intermediate academic title.

                In recent years, under the correct leading and concerned support of Municipal Government and Educational Center, the school enlarged year after year in education scales and conditions, not only gradatim improved the education behavior, but also completed the enhance both of enrolment quality and quality of entering higher school.

                The Senior High School according to “Built school relay on teacher’s ethics, strengthen school relay on famous teachers, encourage school relay on scientific research” development strategy, making effort to enhance the teaching staff construct, elaborately making a teaching staff have gracious ethics, excellent professional work, consciousness of innovation and team spirit, the school complete the healthy, quickly and sustainable development.



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