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          An Introduction to No.2 Primary School

          更新时间:2016-01-27 10:06:52点击次数:7713次

          No.2 Primary School in wudalianchi was founded in 1945 and rebuilt in 2002. The school is located on the west of the Beian-Wudalianchi Road in beautiful Wudalianchi. It is a six-year primary school. The campus covers an area of 10000 square meters and the construction area is 3096 square meters. There are 47 staff members, including 42 teachers, 18 classes and 1128 students. The teachers are all qualified. The school is equipped with complete facilities, including the standard phonetic room, music, PE and art activity room, the standardized information technology room with 64 seats.

          Pine trees, Rosa and other plants are planted around the campus. There are flowers blooming in spring and trees flourishing in summer. The percentage of greenery coverage is more than 50% . The construction of the school spirit is remarkable. It has been awarded "National-level PE Activity Advanced Group", national level "Red Flag Team", provincial "Improving Teaching Condition Advanced Group", regional "Liangquan School", "Football Basis Point School", "Children Working Advanced Group", "Sanyuren Advanced Group", "Advanced Party Branch ","Advanced Grass-roots Labor Union", "Advanced Team" and several other honorary titles.


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