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            Budding Kindergarten

            更新时间:2016-01-27 09:44:00点击次数:7714次

            Budding Kindergarten covers an area of 6060 square meters. Its activity area is 3300 square meters, which reaches an  standard of provincial level Class I. At present, the classrooms are newly decorated and the construction of the campus has been finished with complete equipment.

            There are 2 classes for younger children, 3 classes for young children and 9 classes for older children. The number of the students in one class are all accord with the regulation of the country. The number of every class is relatively few. There is one activity room, one dormitory, one toilet, one fitting room in every classroom. The kindergarten provides pianos, electrical pianos, televisions, DVD, recorders and other modernized teaching equipment, which can make the children study and play in a comfortable, safe and pleasant environment.


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