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          The Middle Density Fibreboard Development Project

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          Project Name: The Middle Density Fibreboard Development Project

          Project Introduction: Wudalianchi is located in the north of Heilongjiang province and south of Heihe City. The geographic coordinates is that east longitude is 120°42′ –127°39′ and northern latitude is 48°16′ –49°12′. It is also located in the transitional zone of Songnen plain and Xiaoxing’anling with the total area of 9874 square kilometers. There is a forestry administration-Zhanhe forestry administration in Wudalianchi, which is located in the north of Xiaoxing’anling. The whole area of the management is 751283 hectares. The storage area is 45190000 cubic meters. The forests cover an area of 572763 hectares. The storage of the forestry covers an area of 41590000 cubic meters. In recent years, the furniture industry of our country has developed very fast. In 2007, the output value of furniture reached 5 trillion 500 billion Yuan. The rapid development of furniture industry promoted the consumer market of fibreboard.    

          Production Scale: 100 thousand m3 middle density fibreboard per year. The specifications of the middle density fibreboard: 2440×1220 mm. The thickness: 6~22 mm. The capacity of the product: 680~880 kg/ m3.

          Investment Scale: The total investment of the project is 204488800 Yuan. The fixed fund investment is 186689000 Yuan. The floating fund investment is 17799800 Yuan.

          Investment Profits: After the project is finished, the total income is 200000000 Yuan. The profit is 46771100 Yuan. The sales tax and other fees is 18595600 Yuan.

          Cooperative Way : Joint venture, cooperation, sole proprietorship.

          Contact   Unit:  Wudalianchi Municipal Investment Promotion Bureau.



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