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      Da Zhan River

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      Da Zhan River National Forest Park, under the jurisdiction of Wudalianchi Da Zhan River Forestry Bureau of Heilongjiang province, is located at the northern foot of Xiaoxing"anling, 30km away from the famous world natural heritage Wudalianchi volcano scenic spot. There are the same virgin forest with Wudalianchi and the unique natural landscape left over from volcanic eruptions.

      Da Zhan River, on whose sides are steep cliffs, high mountains and thick forests, winds from south to north. The mountains and rivers are together perfect and very beautiful. Da Zhan River originated from no man’s land where there are high mountains and thick forests. It is more than 200 kilometers in length and flows into the River of Heilongjiang. Da Zhan River, whose whole valley is uninhabited, is the only uncontaminated river in Asia.

      In Da Zhan River basin there is dense virgin forest, including primitive mountains, forests, valleys, wetlands. It has a forest climate. It has unique rich resources for drifting, scientific exploration and tourism. You can learn about the fantastic customs of the minority named "Elunchun" here. There are also forest trains to take you anywhere you want. This is the natural oxygen bar and the heaven of forest bath and known as "The Best Land for Drifting in China".


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